The Pennsylvania Coal Country Cruise,

Part 2

Ok, Mike called it the Coal Country Cruise for obvious reasons, but somehow I didn't end up with any shots of the utterly black land that surrounded the mining areas. Here you see some ground that was probably the lightest in the area.


Our first stop was at the Eckley mining village, a remnant of the days of yore. I'm told it was built for the filming of the movie The Molly McGuires, many copies of which were on sale at the gift shop. Did anyone from the trip buy a copy?


Parked, from a slightly different angle.


Oooo, a Reverse Angle shot this time. I don't know what was wrong with me, but for most of the day, I kept taking photos with the sun at the wrong angle. This time, I got it right!


Vile ve vere zere, Ve got to vatch a film about ze life ov a voman from de old country, who used to liv in ze houses zat were much like dees.


Here is the coal crusher. Oooo. Ahhhhh.


A shot down the main road. To the left, a gift shop, where you could buy all sorts of Coal-type-thingies. I finally found a baseball cap that fit that I can wear while driving and not fear it falling off. I guess the swelled head that comes from owning a Z3 ruined my chances of wearing a normal cap ever again :-)


This is probably the only house I can afford, now that I'm making Z3 payments :-) In all honesty, it amazes me that people lived in houses like these.


I really like the coloration in this picture.


And we're back on the road again.


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