The Pennsylvania Coal Country Cruise,

Part 3

More Dark Ground. Much of the terrain was like this, except for the farmland.


Sharp turns a-plenty.




Barring the occasional purely straight road.


This is one of the unfortunate artifacts of trying to take pictures. The DC260 takes its sweet time in auto-focusing, and will indicate it's taken a picture by making a little whirring sound (artificially, of course). There were many times where I thought I grabbed the photo, only to hear that noise after I put the camera back in the car. This one was one of my attempts to shoot behind the car. I was contorting my right hand while holding the camera to take a rearward shot here. Oh well, a cookie to the person who can identify what you're seeing here.


And again, another misfire :-) I finally ended up using my left hand. It's quite difficult to hold a camera up in the slipstream of the car...


Many of the towns in this area were built on many hills. Think roller coaster, but you control the car :-)


Yuk Green - works just as well on yer big honkin' trucks as yer brick walls!


Sometimes we'd widen the gap a little. Some of us were starting to get hungry, I think.



When you see Jack Frost, Turn right to get to Tom and Rose's


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