Crab Cruise, 1999

For Lunch, we picnic-ed at a beach on the Chesapeake Bay (I forget the name). On this cruise, Stu had one mandate - someone from each car had to get knee-deep in the bay. Here's someone, Tom Mosteller, and Stu.


And party-poopers Rose and Carol :-)


Here's a panoramic I took of the bay. If you click on it, you'll see a larger version.


When I looked through the pics, I had almost fogotten why I took this shot...


After lunch, we drove for a bit, and ended up in a tourist village. To get there you have to go on a high-span bridge that people could walk over. We parked, and I climbed the walkway stairs to get this picture.


After a short stopover there, it was on to the Crab House. This was some sort of creeping vine that grew over the power lines.

This area was all pretty much at sea level, however, when the corn's as high as an Elephant's eye, you can't really be certain.



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