Crab Cruise, 1999


An interesting suspension bridge concept, no? one tower, one set of cables


And here's where Homer Simpson would work if Montgomery Burns had to follow real-world nuclear power plant regulations.


And we finally made it to the Crab House with a good amount of daylight remaining.

Here's table 1 - I lost the list of names at the tables, so I do apologise. Know who they are? Please drop me an email to let me know who's who.


And Table 1 from the other side


Yours truly chugging down a cold one. Unfortunately, you can't see that my shirt is covered with different colored crabs...



And, of course, the name of the place. Didn't I say it was out in the Bookdocks? This is in Delaware.


All in all, a great and to a great day. I even drove some of the route on the way home, to avoid the returning beach crowd.

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