BMW HomeComing 1999


Saturday morning, we lined up for the Homecoming Panoramic Photo. The official start time for lining up was 7AM, but many of us (myself included) arrived before then to get a good spot in the picture. Some people were there before 5AM!


The actual picture was taken by a special panoramic camera that rotated. It was up on this cherry-picker thingy. Here the cameraman shouts out orders to let us know when to get ready.

While that was going on, I strolled the parking lot, where vendors were selling stuff. This is John Maddux, who makes the leather armrests that should be standard equipment on our cars

Michelin was there, and they were showing off their new dry/wet performance tire. The tire here is for a Dodge Viper, and if I remember correctly, it's size is 335/35ZR18. It's probably 18 inches across!

Aside from the vendors, BMW technicians volunteered there time to take a look at our cars and fix whatever problems they could. Paint chips, door dings bad convertible top seals, and so on. Great job, guys!

I'm ready for my cricket close-up, Mr. DeMille!

People were polishing their cars right up until the last minute.

The Panoramic Photo came out extremely well. I have a framed copy of it. I'm clearly visible, so it was worth the price! Due to copyright issues, you won't see it online for a little while, at least.




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