BMW HomeComing 1999


Me, at the car. In the Panoramic Photo, I'm just right of the lightpost on the left side.


After the photo shoot, I had to hustle over to the new BMW Performance center, for a quick introduction to the schools that they will start to offer. We were the first of "the public" to attend. Rachel was there, and quickly snapped the pic.

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There were three sections. The first was the skidpad, where they showed us the benefits of traction control. They wet down the road surface, and had us drive in circles, with the traction control on, and then off. Here, we see the results of when it's in the off position.


This is Dave Pavik spinning out...

And me spinning, but not as badly. Of course, I'm an excellent driver, yeah...


Then, we moved over to the decreasing length slalom, where the cones were shorter near the end. We had a little fun here, as we were all given radios so we could hear the instructors. While doing the slalom, the instructor asked us to use the radios like they were cell phones, just to show us how distracting they are. I know I went over a couple of cones at that time.


Then there was the autocross/road race section, where we went round and around and around at not-always-legal speeds. Woohoo!

Well, it was that time of month where I had to buy something new for my Z3. Here you see last month's purchase, a Dinan Strut Brace. Well worth the cost!

And while I was there, I got the Dinan Performance Chip upgrade. They just download new code into the PROM of my car computer. Very quickly done.

Hey, check it out - a red Z3 (ok, looking a little magenta-ish here) with an aftermarket luggage rack from HMS motorsport on the back. While the BMW rack requires you to drill into the trunklid, this one fits along the edges of it, instead. I probably coulda used this for the trip! If you look really closely you can see the fuzzy dice inside.

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