BMW HomeComing 1999


The next morning, we all stumbled out of bed down to the Denny's. Here we see (from left to right) Chris Strock, Rachel Corey, Dave Pavik, Sherry, Bill Zehrung, Irv, Joanne, and Howie, all (except Chris) wearing their Shag Convoy shirts. Chris didn't have his shirt on because I forgot to give it to him. Silly me!

Fed, Gassed up, we were ready to rock and roll.

We hear on out, and finally got to our first new state of the day, West Virginia

We Quickly passed into Ohio, and we linked up with Laurie Haning, her husband and some other couples whose names escape me.


We then high-tailed it to Cincy. We were 12 cars strong at this point, if memory serves.

Rachel does a drive-by waving. No one was injured during the incident ;-)

So tell me, what in the heck did Ronald Reagan do to deserve a highway in Ohio? Generally, presidents are honored after their death ;-)


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