BMW HomeComing 1999


While Driving in Ohio, it started to get hot. I don't know about the other drivers, but I would slow down while passing trucks, so I could get some shade. Once we got to The BMW Store


I found a shady spot to help cool off the interior.

We parked across the street from the showroom, and they had a great barbecue set up for us. Here's all of us, parked, which was the first taste of things to come.


It was pretty amazing. They offered us a discount on parts and accessories, and a couple of us had our cars checked out. Mine was making a creaking noise while turning, so I asked them to take a look. First, the technicians and service writers were all scurrying around in clean, white labcoats, and went out of their way to be nice to us. Was this a car dealership, or the Twilight Zone. Never have I been greeted by this much courtesy. They found that the Rear Sway bar mounting bracket had come loose, and retightened it. No Charge! They also asked if I wanted my car washed, and considering the drought restrictions in Pennsylvania at the time, who was I to refuse? One of the attendants (I won't say who) pointed to a missing stitch or two on my rear window where it meets the canvas top, and mentioned that I could probably get my top replaced if I really complained. I certainly didn't expect that!

Once again, we hit the road to get to Nashville, where the Midwest and California Convoys were linking up. Tennessee was a ways away (we had to go through Kentucky first). Unfortunately, we got a little split up before getting this far, so we had to get there on a wheel and a prayer (I had remembered to print out all those directions, fortunately)


We got to Nashville while it was still light out.





I took this picture almost by accident (ok, I took the one before it by accident, but this one came out better). Some people say my "neutral" expression makes it look like I'm antry or depressed, but that's just not true. Here, I'm just focused on driving.

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