BMW HomeComing 1999


We ended up missing everyone at the launching point for the Dragon. We were determined to have our own fun.

This place was near a spot where you could see seven different states, if you looked closely enough. Do you know all seven?

There were some nice smooth curvy roads that led me to believe we were on the Dragon already. I was soo wrong.

Now it starts to get interesting. Here's a dam before the beginning of it.

And once we were in it, it was nonstop fun. Ok, somewhere in the midst of it, we stopped for a photo op, and also to catch our breath.

And then we dove back in. For the first part, I was leading, and thanks to my Dinan Strut Brace (which keeps my car's front end firmly planted), I kept ahead of the 3 silver MZ3s. They were mildly annoyed that I could keep out of their way ;-) After our stop, I let them lead.


Ok, here's the deal. We got to the endpoint, and we were all psyched. It's the kind of road where there's very little, if any, straight road. you were always downshifting, braking, turning, and then upshifting to keep in the groove of the roadway. Very cool!


At the end of it, there's a small gas station and souvenir shop where you could get signs, T Shirts and so on. Here's a sample sign I bought.


Considering that it would probably be our only opportunity to ride this road for a year (the next homecoming), coupled with the fact that I didn't get enough pictures the first time through, we went back up it. On the way back, we ran across the last of the people coming from Nashville. (The oncoming Z3 is red, but thanks to a bug in my camera, it comes out looking like Magenta).

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