BMW HomeComing 1999



Thursday morning, I made my way over to the BMW Factory. They have a museum called The Zentrum, where many of BMW's previous models were present.


Here is a picture (not taken by me) of Burkhard Goeschel, the father of the Z3. He's standing next to one of the cars made for the James Bond movie Goldeneye. I stole this photo from Robert Leidy's web site.

Here's the BMW 507, an earlier BMW roadster. Gorgeous, no?

And here's the BMW Z1, a roadster made in the early 1990s that never made it to the US, and its interior. You can't really see it here, but the door actually drops straight down into the lower part of the car.



Each year, BMW commissions an artist to repaint their car. Here's the M1 redone.

And the M3, done in a later year-

This is a concept car, called the Just-4-2. It's very small



Check out this BMW 328 from the 1940s


and the 327 Roadster

And one of the oddest-looking cars ever made, the three-wheeled Isetta

From the front



This is the car that won the 24 race at LeMans this year.


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