BMW HomeComing 1999



Later that evening, BMW arranged to cordon off a street in Greenville, SC, to line up the Z3s and pack 'em in, and there was a free concert for us as well. Those of us who showed up later got relegated to a parking lot.

We had great weather for the entire time we were there, but we were keeping tabs on Hurricane Dennis, which was making itself known. Gotta love this sunset!

This is the street of Z3s.


Here is a car where the owner works out at 3M, and he was able to arrange a special paint job where the colors don't look the same when you look at it in different light.


The color difference was more blatant than these pictures let on.

Everywhere you look, Z3s!

Here you see (clockwise, from the left front) Micheal Wand, Eileen, her spouse Doug, theBaba, Nancy, with her beau Alan, who manages the Z3 message board and the rest of the message board site.

Here's the "Dragon 5", who were silly enough to listen to my convincing argument about redoing the Dragon. Clockwise from the left are some guy, Chris Strock, Dave Pavik, Howard Katz, and Jeff Schulmeister.

And here's Howie's significant other, Robyn, who took the above photo ;-) She had to work, but she managed to fly down in time to link up with us on Thursday night.

After the concert, people mulled about, admiring each other's cars.

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