The Steamtown Cruise

Part 4

After our little jaunt up the tracks, we still had some time to knock around Steamtown. Here's the inside of an engine compartment of one of the bigger engines there.

And if you couldn't figure it out, this is a crane car.

Insert your own caption here. They were using this to move around a locomotive in the yard.


Now, this is a sight you never hope to see while driving...


We were parked in an open lot, and we did get quite a few gawkers. I don't think we minded too much.


Hey Rachel, your fly's open!


And so, we leave our historic sight, just in time for the skys to start clearing.

I don't think there was much time when the Red Team was lined up without the occasional interloper.


Nice view, eh? Somewhere before taking this, I was fumbling with "stuff" - water, a snack or two, the camera, and so on. Dick and Pat, the Sweeper car in our team, noticed I was driving erratically. Rightfully so, the decided to pull ahead of me to avoid any potential problems. When I realized this, I settled down, and kept my eyes on the road.


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