The Steamtown Cruise

Part 7

Alright, I'll say this up front - I AM TERRIBLE AT REMEMBERING NAMES! Please help me out here, so I can put names to all your shining faces. Thanks!

For dinner, we had a barbecue buffet. It was the right meal at the right time. We sat outside, facing the 18th hole.

Some Cruise Virgins and some veterans.

All of these people drove from Ohio to the eastern side of Pennsylvania. That's dedication!

And here are all the cruise virgins, give or take a few. PETA wants me to say that No Virgins were harmed in the taking of these photos.


Boy, it was hard to get them to all look in the same direction. They just wouldn't stand still! Quite frankly, it was almost like herding kittens. Now, if you can spare the time, I'd like to get all your names. Please email me. Thanks!


But the fun wasn't over yet! Stu sang! Unfortunately, I haven't yet figured out how my Kodak DC260 records sound bytes, so this time, you'll have to settle for just a picture. Oh well, maybe next time!


I had a great time on the trip. Thanks to Mike for planning the trip, Lesley for calming Mike down because of the threats of rain, John and Darlene, Craig and Jack, Dick and Pat for doing a test run as well as being leaders and sweepers, and thanks to the rest of you for making it fun!


Unfortunately, there were a couple of pix that didn't come out right that would've been great if I had kept my hands still, including one of Howie with a $20 on his head. Oh well, maybe next time!


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