Fixit Day:2001, a Z3 Odyssey


HMS Motorsport chose to offer all attendees of Fixit Day free shipping on any orders. That, coupled with the decent pricing led to a great deal. Pity they couldn't show.

So, Melissa was among those of us who ordered SuperSprint Exhausts. They had her car up on the lift first thing. The BMW Factory exhaust is a one piece item, from the headers on back. For Melissa's installation, they chose to drop the whole exhaust, cut it, install the SuperSprint, and then reinstall. Here, you can see them laying it down.

Here's a closer shot.

The only way to install the Supersprint is to cut it, and slide the new piece on. Here's the leftover bit.


Rachel's friend Carlos (with his hand in the bucket) does car detailing, and uses Zaino products. As a demonstrator, Tom Young (washing the wheel) got a free application of Zaino.


That stuff really works! Here's Tom's car outside, all nice and shiny. Looks great, doesn't it?

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