Fixit Day:2001, a Z3 Odyssey


Here's Daniels' garage, standing towards where they were collecting donations. My car is in the middle, and because of a quirk of the panoramic photo builder, Mick's Topaz Blue (on the right, with the hardtop) looks a little funny, not to mention the person behind him with the floating feet.


I also took a 360 degree panoramic photo, from another spot in the garage, and it's on a separate page because of the size, and you need a special viewer to see it. Please go Here to see it.


Outside, things were hustling and bustling. On the left, you see the Rigalis Repair Service, which did the leather work and interior cleanup. In the middle, you see the Colors On Parade van, who were the scratch and paint guys. On the right, people who were just arriving were lining up for their work.


The donations started piling up early. Since all of the X5s were at the local Auto Show, they offered up a 528i wagon.

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