Fixit Day:2001, a Z3 Odyssey


Here's Kathy in her Ice Blue Z3, one of the rare BMW test colors. Very Nice!


One of the more interesting things going on at Fixit Day was the Sport Seat/Standard Seat swap going on between Ann and Pat's Turquoise Z3 and Sean. Pat wanted regular seats, and Sean wanted her sport seat. This was a win-win situation, and it was easy for Daniels' to do. Mostly, it's just labor. I hear there was some minor leather work done when they were being removed, but I hear it was minor.


Here's the interior without any seats. Boy, the cargo you could carry :-)


Sean's car was outside, and here's the tech bringing in the second seat after it was cleaned and pressed, as it were.


Pat's of the opinion that Turquoise Green is one of those colors you either love or hate. Personally, I think it's great there have been so many color options. More on this later.

I never got 'after' photos of either car, unfortunately. Personally, I'm a fan of the sport seats, I prefer how they keep me snug. I waited two months to get my car because there was no car on the East Coast that had my set of options. However, if I'd chosen to go with standard seats, I could have had one immediately. However, the Golden Rule as it pertains to Z3s is, "GET WHAT YOU WANT!" With the seat swap, here a lot of people were getting what they wanted. Cool!

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