Fixit Day:2001, a Z3 Odyssey


In the planning stages of Fixit Day, someone (I think it was me, he mentioned immodestly) suggested that we arrange to give Daniel's a copy of the 2000 HomeComing panoramic photo. Rich NYC offered up his, and decided to get another one to replace his. Rich (I think, or maybe it was Rachel?) suggested we all sign it, either by indicating where we were in the photo, if we attended, or just in the sky. If you've ever had a chance to see the photo (much less participate in its making), it is well worth checking out.

Here, Rachel, JP Jr., Sean(?) and someone else start the process.



Rachel introduces some newbies to us all.


Bob and Sue Highfield had an early Z3, in Dark Green paint and a Beige interior. Unfortunately, while they were out traveling in the Midwest, they became the 'meat' in a tractor trailer sandwich (their words). Their baby was destroyed, but it gave its life to save theirs. Bob walked away from a complete wreck, and Sue had a minor concussion. While recovering in the Hospital, they both immediately decided to get another Z3, and selected a 2.3 in Dakar Yellow. Quite cool. They call their car Duckie (I believe), and got this little model of it. It has motion sensors that flash the lights when the alarm goes. what you see is a representation of something that happened a short time after getting their second Z3 - they had a run-in with a Deer. They did get lucky and found a great repair shop where their car was damaged. Judging from the car I saw, you could NOT tell it had been in an accident at all.


Meanwhile, the Xpel installers were going full tilt. For the uninitiated, Xpel is a clear plastic alternative to your typical Car Bra. It is applied to the hood and front bumper through a simple process, and covers the "danger zone" of the Z3's front end. Generally, the only part you see is the seam at the end of the covering, and it is hardly noticeable, especially on darker paint colors. Many people were also getting it on their headlights as well as their front ends. If only I'd have heard of it when I got my Z3, I'd be much happier now.

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