Garage Panoramic




Here it is, you may need a vrml viewer for it to work, but if you do, a popup should appear for you. Also, Since people were moving around, you might see a couple of duplicate people (like Rachel :-)

The plugin in question is of type i-world/i-vrml. If you are having trouble finding the plugin for Netscape, it's available at the Following URL:

It's somewhere under 2 Megabytes in size.



 Page 1 - An Early Start  Page 2 - SuperSprints and Zaino  Page 3 - Inside and Out of the Service Bays
 Page 4 - Seat Swaps and an Executive Color  Page 5 - Xpel and our gift to Daniels  Page 6 - Miscellaneous bits and Some Aftermarket Addons
 Page 7 - Daniels and the Third Street Alliance Thank us  Page 8 - Wrapping it all up, and Turquoise Turquoise Turquoise!!!  Page 9 - Saffy gets Inspection II
 Page 10 - Bring on da Noise!  Page 11 - Life (ok, just wheels) out of balance  Daniels' Garage Panoramic

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