NY Auto Show - Classic Cars and Miscellaneous Photos
by Jon Trudel - With Help
3/29/2002 - All images are copyright 2002. No other use is permitted

Some of the lesser known car manufacturers didn't fare so well in terms of placement at the Javits Center. Daewoo was relegated to the North Pavillion, which is accessible only by means of the lower level or via an outside entrance. The lower level mainly hosts truck displays, and several of the Asian Imports - Subaru, Kia, and such. You actually enter it via the Kia booth. Kia has come a long way in the US, and I've heard their inexpensive SUV got a 5 star rating when it comes to its crashworthiness. Way to go, Kia!

Anyway, besides Daewoo, the rest of the space was taken up by a classic cars display, the NYPD, the NYFD, and various branches of the military. There were only a few classics here, and with some of these, I'm totally lost. If you know the names of these cars, please let me know (remove the "SPAMME" from the email address that comes up). The first and third are Dusenbergs, I believe? The second is some sort of Plymouth. The old Fire Department car is a Model T, The next is something I'd like to drive during rush hour some day. This display was in the Chevy booth, and it shows all sorts of Specialty Chevies, including a Good Humor Truck (top left). Cool. Next, there was an advertisement with the classics that talks about the Concours d' Elegance for the East Coast, which happens in June. Sounds like fun! Lastly, among the classic cars was this Corvette. By the way, the last two pictures were courtesy of Rachel Corey

Aside from the car and truck manufacturers, the upstairs contained a bunch of vendors. There were quite a few booths of people trying to sign you up for new credit cards, which is just what I need! Thank you, no. The good part of this was that there are these hutches that open up so you can see the lower floor. After a bit, we bumped into people who help the NY chapter of the BMW CCA be the club that it is (I don't know their names, sorry!). Then, Rachel and I walked outside to the top balcony for some fresh air. In this picture somewhere across the Hudson river is where my company's datacenter is located. I won't say where, but I can tell you that it's the first building you see when you watch the opening credits of the Sopranos ;-). So, at the entrance to the balcony, there were a bunch of policemen holding a demonstration of bring drunk. Basically, what they had were these special goggles that don;'t seem to stay focused. You put them on, and then they have you "walk the line". (photo courtesy Rachel). It's a lot harder than I'm making it sound, and I stumbled once or twice, but it was a good eye-opener. Conveniently behind them was a booth for MADD, so I dropped off a contribution while I was there.

We were there for a loooooong time. Somewhere along the line, we bumped into Rich (aka richnyc), aka another Z3er, and went downstairs for lunch. I started to get tired after I realized we had been there for over 6 hours. A little later on, while we were in the North Pavillion, we also bumped in to Joanne and Irv. Here's Rachel, Rich, yours truly, Joanne, and Irv all together (this photo, taken by Irv's brother, is also courtesy Rachel) Shortly after this picture, Rachel, Rich, and I had had enough, and decided to go. We left, and went our seperate ways a little while later.

What a great day!


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