Photos from the 1998 Sundance Film Festival

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Having a wonderful time, Wish you were here. I stayed at the SnowShoe Inn, pictured here. My room Marked with an X.
Here is a shot of Main street in Park City, which was always busy. Note the lack of snow. Note the film crew on the left. At first, I thought the man facing me was Jason Alexander, but it wasn't.
The lack of snow on one day usually meant a lot on the next.
I don't think there was a span of more than 12 hours where it wasn't snowing. I got this shot while waiting for a shuttle bus.
People were always posting bills here to promote their movie(s), no matter what -dance festival they were being shown at.
Here are the two female leads from Once We Were Strangers. On the left is Jessica Whitney Gould, and on the right is Anjalee Jeshpande. It's a shame Jessica was blinking, because she has beautiful eyes. In the movie, everyone was comparing her looks to those of Mary, mother of Jesus. I feel she looks more like Julia Louis-Dreyfus. After all, which one would you rather be attracted to and not feel weird?

This is a pic of Park City's Ski Slopes, duh.

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