Doug and Kathy's Wedding

Part 3

One of the pictures I'm actually proud of

As the sun set, we kicked back and really started to enjoy ourselves. I'm told that Emma (Kathy's sister) specifically didn't want to see any of the pictures I took. Too bad!

Then there was Katrina, Doug's Sister-in-Law. Some say she has a hypnotic effect on people. I wonder why.


Some of these people that you may recognize from my other pictures pages. That's (Lynn's significant other), Lynn, Our Man Dough, Louise and Dave


You are under my control. You cannot resist! (center: The Mysterious Katrina,)

"If you see a faded sign on the side of the road that says 15 miles to the Loooooooove Arch!" That was a popular song that we got the band to play several times...


They're not Evil, they're just photographed that way!!! (Greg, Dave, and Tom in back, with Greg's wife Lorraine in the foreground)


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