The Spoon HoDown for 1999



I had missed last year's, due to me being best man at the wedding of a good friend of mine's wedding. I was determined to show up at the next one, come hell or high water. So I did. The timing was awful - I had a lot of things going on at the time, and didn't really get the chance to kick back and relax. Anyhow, I did manage to snap a few pix while I was there.

Pam sings Green Acres while Rhed Wulfe provides backup.


Yep, them Spooners never sleep, but they always manage to have a good time. This was taken at oh-dark-thirty ;-)

Perhaps you should relax. You're Two Tents!

Sheri wonders why some idiot took her pic right then.

Yes, and it's got the classic moon-on-door design!

The next morning I snapped a bunch of pix and fed 'em into a program that digests 'em and makes a panoramic photo. Here is the view from The Baity Cabin:


In the morning, Pam, Maria, and Carla play Spot the four-wheeeler

Sheri was givin' everyone rides. I had a headache at the time due to allergies, so I passed, and I think I was the only one who did. It looked like a lotta fun!

And here's Baity Farms, a cabin's-eye view.


I know I asked, but I 've already forgotten why this was so funny.


It was a great time, but it was bad timing for me. I had to abandon ship early because I couldn't really afford to take the vacation time. With any luck, I'll get a chance next year. Baby steps....

Thank you so much Sheri for putting up with us!!!



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