Miscellaneous Photos
I've taken over the years

Many suns and moons ago, I used to rent an apartment in a farmhouse in NJ. Here's a photo of part of the farm from my bedroom window. The only thing they actually grew was Hay, mostly so they could legally classify the property as farmland. Of course, that all changed when the owners sold the land off to developers.
While I lived there, my employer sent me on a short business trip to England, and I took these two photos (among others) while on the Thames River: 
Back in 1995, New Jersey got covered with 2 feet of snow during one day, which pretty much closed everything down. 
A while later, I ventured out, and took this photo of the Summit Train Station: 
Not to mention, this one as well...
Here's my sister Irene and her husband Peter. She works in the Radio Biz, and he's a writer of scripts, among other things. You can check out my Sister's web site if you click on the photo
I attended a conference in Monterey, and my friend Lauren convinced me to blow off the last day of it to go sightseeing. We ended up driving through Carmel, and then down the Pacific Coast Highway where such annoyances like guardrails spoil the view, so they're not installed. Most of the photos from that trip weren't all that special, but this one of a house in Carmel was. Notice the bizarre shingling.
Lastly, this is a photo of my friend, Tom.  I don't think the Thorazine is working, do you?
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