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Chickens are smarter than you think. In this Claymation film by Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park, the egg laying chickens want out of their rough existance of producing eggs or becoming dinner. Use some clever tricks and a lot of references to World War II Prison films like "he Great Escape and Stalag 17, some well known voices (Mel, Gibson, Miranda Richardson, and Absolutely Fabulous' Julia Sawalha and Jane Horrocks), and you've got the makings of a fun film for the whole family.



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This was a fun movie. Yeah, it was a one-joke idea, but the whole thing played out well. A couple of really funny lines and images (like the gnomes and "But I don't want to be a pie!") helped me enjoy this film a lot. Jane Horrocks as the voice of "Babs" was priceless, even though it is pretty much a recreation of her role as Bubble on Absolutely Fabulous.




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