200 Cigarettes


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New Year's Eve, December 31, 1981 - we meet many people each on their way to a party, the same party. A substantial cast act out their scenes, but the stories are pretty much what you've already seen better in other films.

My Comments:

There were only two good things about this film - the soundtrack, chosen by Elvis Costello, who makes a cameo or two, and Kate Hudson. Elvis shows a knack for picking the right song for the right scene, but where were the Talking Heads? What about the B52s? You couldn't swing a record in the 80s without hitting a Rock Lobster or a Psycho Killer. Also, the apple of Kate Hudson didn't fall far from Goldie Hawn's tree - she's her daughter, and it shows. Look for her in future movies - I predict a long career.

Aside from that, there were very few funny moments, and too many of the standard list of movie cliches As for the actors, Courtney Love proves she can only play the roles that she already plays in real live - the Skanky-ass Ho (Her words in the film), Paul Rudd proves he's not Ben Affleck by appearing in the same scene together (Paul was the one with the muttonchops), Janeane Garofalo's totally wasted playing a minor role, and Christina Ricci had a pathetically godawful LawnGisland accent.

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