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A mobster (Robert DeNiro) realizes he's got problems. Not Mob-related, mind you, but personal. He needs help, but if anyone finds out, it's all over for him (weakness is the sort of thing that goodfellas just don't tolerate). He finds a shrink, played by Billy Crystal. Unfortunately for the shrink, who's about to get married (to Lisa Kudrow, no less!), and unfortunate for the boss, who thinks he can get a quick fix.

Many good jokes and gags. Highly recommended.


My Comments:

Wow, Crystal playing the straight man, and DeNiro being the funny one. Not what you'd expect, but fortunately for us, it works. DeNiro has an easy time of parodying himself, but Crystal struggles to play it calm. There are some rough spots, but overall, there are good bits and scenes all throughout the movie.



It might have been funny to see Joe Pesci in here, too, but that would've been asking too much.

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