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There are these Antz, you see, and they live in an Ant Hill. One of the worker drones decides to become an individual, and causes trouble for the entire ant colony. He trades places with a warrior ant, and becomes a pawn in a hidden power struggle. Woody Allen and Sharon Stone are the voices behind the main characters.


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I waited to post a review of this until I had at least seen A Bug's Life. While ANTZ! has a better storyline, I'm left a little empty by it, and I don't really find it all that memorable, except in terms of who supplied the voices. It was good casting to get Woody Allen as the lead ant Z, but it wasn't anything special.
In terms of animation, this one's the better of the two. It's great to look at, and there's more eye Candy and overall background detail, but I wonder if it was just an exercise in excess rather than a contributer to the plot. Think of a sci-fi movie where the special effects overshadow the rest of the film, and you're on target. If you're going to see this, make it a double feature with A Bug's Life. and see this one first.


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