Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me


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YEAH, BABY!!!! Austin's back, and it's time to enjoy a good comedy again. Mike Meyers returns in this sequel of the surprise hit movie of the same name. This time, Dr. Evil decides to travel back in time to foil his arch-nemesis Austin Powers by stealing his "Mojo", Austin's driving force. Many gags ensue. Lots of oddities, absurd behavior, and just plain silliness in this one, but it doesn't quite reach the level that the original did.

Nevertheless, this film is extremely funny, and not to be missed, especially if you liked the original. Mike Meyers is Austin Powers, Doctor Evil, and one character I will leave you to discover on your own. Seth Green returns as Dr. Evil's son Scott, Verne Troyer as the hilarious Mini-ME, Mindy Sterling again as Frau Farbissina, and so on. Did I mention Heather Graham as the incredible Felicity Shagwell? Highly recommended.


My Comments:

I'm still remembering bits, and laughing. That's the sign of a good comedy. I heard an interview of Rob Lowe, who is in the movie (and was in an early cut of the original, but was later edited out), and he impled that Austin Powers is "our generation's Blazing Saddles. Who am I to disagree?

In the DVD version of the original, Mike Meyers discussed a term called Comedy Torture. This is where you do something silly, get a laugh, continue it until people stop laughing, go some more, and continue with the same gag until it gets funny again. Such was the scene where Austin Powers pees for what seems like several minutes in the original film. While nothing comes close to that length in the sequel, the concept returns, although it's used for more gross behaviour.


It does help with some of the jokes if you've seen the original, but don't worry if you haven't. There still plenty to laugh at here.





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