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Julia Roberts really stretches her acting craft. She plays Anna Scott, an actress that's hounded by the media. She meets Hugh Grant's character, who plays a stereotypical Englishman, embarrassed by just about everything. They fall in love, but they can't admit it until the end of the movie. An interesting movie that has the pacing of Four Weddings and a Funeral, and it almost completely works. I would have liked this more, but it almost encourages stalking by crazed fans, not by the plotline, but by upholding the fantasy that common people can form permanent relationships with stars just by accidental meetings.


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The parallels between Four Weddings and Notting Hill are somewhat blunt. Hugh Grant is in the same role, but instead of running into Andie McDowell every few months, it's Julia Roberts. I can't really fault the film, and there are quite a few moments of good comedic fun, but Notting Hill's non-uniqueness cause me to not like it so much. It is an entertaining film, but it's not all that new in terms of how the story develops.



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