Nurse Betty


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A very strange, yet intriguing movie about a woman who goes a little crazy in an attempt to block out a gruesome event in her life. She becomes a character in her favorite Soap Opera, and tries to re-integrate herself back into the story. It's like watching a train wreck where you can't avert your eyes. Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock work together in this film, and have a good chemistry between themselves. I expect to see them teamed up together in the future.

Renee Zellweger proves she can be a lead actress in this rather unsettling movie.





Gruesome Violence, Psychotic Behavior, Bizarre Situations

My Comments:

I saw this alone, and I haven't found anyone who has seen it. It's definitely odd, in the sort of Twin Peaks/Wild at Heart style. You just have to be willing to go with it to stay interested.




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