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A high-schooler at a prestigious private school excels in everything he does. Except school. He befriends a local businessman (perfectly played by Bill Murray), and experiences a crush on a teacher,but finds that his new friend does, too. This film is a mix of a comedy, a black comedy, and a coming-of-age film, and it works.

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Quite entertaining. This film is broken down into two halves, pretty much where the first half is a comedy, and the latter half is the coming-of-age part, split down the middle with the black comedy portion. Don't worry, there's comedy all throughout. I have to give a lot of credit to the writer and director for keeping this film from becoming too sappy, too stupid, and best of all, not psychotic like The Crush, which could have easily happened. A very mature move.

I must say that Bill Murry was the perfect choice for the businessman. He's the type who can change moods in the blink of an eye, and it's perfect for the tone of the movie. A well-deserved Oscar nomination (and a Golden Globe, too!)

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