Wild Things


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At a High School somewhere in a wealthy area near Florida Everglades, a Guidance Counselor is accused of raping a student.  Did it happen, or was it a way for a student to strike back at a teacher who spurned her advances?  Who knows?  Who Cares? Not me. Matt Dillon, Denise Richards (Starship Troopers), Kevin Bacon, and Neve Campbell star as the Counselor, the Victim, the Cop, and the slut, respectively.  Theresa Russell proves she's still live, because she appears as the Victim's mother.

This movie contains a number of predictable plot twists, and a few unpredictable ones.  If you see this film, you should stay and watch the credits, because a number of plot-twisting scenes were added to make sense of the overall product.  They helped raise my rating of the film to a neutral rating from the panning I would have otherwise given.

 Spoiler (can't say I didn't warn you!):



Watch the courtroom scenes (yawn).  Use a brain cell or two to try and figure out who's really behind all this if you didn't know already.  See (the Starship Troopers girl) get naked.  See Neve Campbell get naked, but not really.  Sit through the standard scenes where the supposed truth comes out.  Auntie Em, Auntie Em, it's a Plot Twister!  Oy Gevalt, and I'm not even Jewish!

Nothing else to really mention, other than the obligatory Shower Scene and it's somewhat unexpected participant.  I'll bet more than a few women viewers will swoon after seeing Kevin's Bacon.  I know, that was a cheap shot, but I had to say it.  Really!

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