Trip to Lake Tahoe

This was my first real vacation in years. How did I prepare for it? By getting a severe cold, of course! I got over it a day or two just before leaving, so I ended up not skiing for half of the trip. We stayed at a house owned by Brian's relatives, and since we split it many ways, it was rather cost effective (ok, cheap) to go.

We skiied at Squaw Valley
As well as Heavenly. I didn't see Sonny or any other celebrities that day, but I hear Ahnold was there to celebrate the opening of yet another Hard Rock Cafe.
In the evenings, we would gather for dinner, and relax for the rest of the evening. One night, Rafael and his relatives showed up for a group dinner thingy. Pictured are Bill, Steve, ?'s daughter, ?, Rafael, ??'s Daughter, ??, Pat, Pat's Wife, Brian, ???, ????, Lauren, and Monica.
While we were there, it was Lauren and Steve's daughter Sarah's first birthday. We had cake, of course, and I took more photos, but surprisingly, none of the ones of Sarah came out well. Anyway, here's Bill again, with Lauren and Steve's other daughter Monica
And of course, Pat, the Clown Prince of Birthdays, had to make an appearance.

Back In Bowl

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