Created 4/4/2001

As thanks for working on Emmy Rachel sent me a few upgrades.

The first was a set of Ron Stygar's Chrome Nozzles.

Ron's page has most of the install directions on it. I'm just adding a few tips to help with the install.

The first is removing the hose clamps. Take a very small screw driver and stick it in the hose clamp as shown.

You then pull the screw driver toward you about 45 degrees then twist it.

And the clamp pops right open and can be re-used.

My car has heated washers and the Z8 connectors didn't fit my cars wiring. I cut the old connectors off my original nozzles and soldered them onto the Z8 nozzles. Be sure to match wire colors when you do this.

I used heat shrink tubing over the individual wires then over both wires together to duplicate the factory look.

Other then that the rest of the install follows Ron's instructions. Like Ron I used diagonal wire cutters to close the clamps again. It makes it much easier if you put a 1.5mm Allen wrench against the flat part of the clamp. This allows you to pull the clamp together without having the cutters keeping the clamp from closing.

I need to replace the hose running from my reservoir to the washers. It kinked from opening and closing the hood and wore through.

So at the moment my new Chrome Nozzles don't work at all. ;)

Almost back together. Just need to replace the hose then put the hood insulation back in place. The hood is painted all the way, that is reflection from my flash.

I really like the way they look! Subtle but a nice touch.

Rachel also sent me a few other interior accessories.

My car finally has a leather piece from LeatherZ in it.

And another chrome piece Chrome Design.

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