Created 5/9/2002

A few people I know have had problems with the lower bracket for the supercharger breaking at the bottom.

Downing/Atlanta designed a new bracket for the supercharger that re-uses one of the Y brackets that held the factory intake in place. I didn't have a problem with the original bracket but D/A offered to send me the new bracket anyway.. just in case.

The install is a little tricky. You need to take out the airbox, HFM and throttle body to get access to the bracket. And for the bolt that goes through the supercharger mount you need to get a wrench back there to hold the bolt from spinning as you tighten the nut. There isn't much room in that area and it gets worse with the new bracket. This was a little compounded as my oil pressure sender was mounted to one of the holes the new bracket uses. I had to re-mount that higher up in another empty hole on the block.

This is the original bracket.

The breaking was occuring at the 90 degree bend in the bottom.

The new bracket is much more substantial then the original.

This bracket should eliminate any problems.

While I was in there I got to thinking about the DISA module that had to be left plugged into the DME to avoid faults. I'm going to build a very small little plug that should just pop into the connector from the DME which will avoid faults and allow us to remove the DISA assembly from the car totally. More details after I test it. If there is interest I may produce some. They would be very inexpensive... under $10. If you want one please e-mail me so I can gauge interest.

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