NY Auto Show - Concept Cars
by Jon Trudel - With Help
3/29/2002 - All Images are copyright 2002. No other use is permitted.

There were quite a few interesting concept cars, and at least two surprises (for me). This is some Acura concept I never got info on.

This is a Mercedes concept called the Vision, a Grand Sports Tourer.

Next, this is another Acura, SUV concept (gotta love those futurecars!).

Next, we have the Dodge Razor, a car which is gaining support and Daimler-Chrysler may actully make it. Good luck!

Next on the turntable is this concept car from Buick. Note the hood, which opens to the side, and the lack of a traditional trunklid (instead of lifting up, it slides up and forward, and the sunroof slides back and over it.

Then, there was the Lincoln Continental Concept car, which really impressed me. It's a BIG car, but it looks sleek and modern instead of huge and bricklike.

Next up, is the Jaguar S-Type R, a high performance luxury coupe. One interesting thing is the chrome British Flag where the gills traditionally go. Nice Touch. I just wish they wouldn't call it the S-Type R, because it makes the car sound Japanese, and there's no mistaking this car for anything from Japan!

Speaking of Japan, here's a Nissan Quest concept that was interesting in some ways. Take a look here, and see if you can see the turn signal lightbulb - it's actually a strip of amber neon! In the Nissan Booth, there was also this, which I think is a Pathfinder Concept.

In the Lexus Booth, they were showing off a car that will be in the upcoming Tom Cruise movie Minority Report. There was a display showing previews of the movie. Interesting car, you say? Yeah, well, it was not a car at all! Rich pointed out that the whole thing was just an empty shell.

Mitsubishi was showing off this angry-looking SUV concept for the Montero. Interesting to look at, but I wouldn't want to own it.

Chevy actually surprised me with this Chevy BelAir Concept. It's full of retro styling, in and out - two-tone interior, it's tall like the old 57 Chevy, and they didn't stop there. The dashboard has a '60s feel to it, from the seperate horn bar, right down to the long row of numbers and needle for the speedometer.

Here was yet another surprise - a Cadillac where they got creative with the current angular styling theme that they're hot on. They really did something with that simple idea, and I like it.

Retro styling's definitely making a comeback, and here we see what Ford chose to do - resurrect the GT40 race car from the 1960s. Damn, this car is HOT! Hands down, this was my favorite car when I was growing up, and it was definitely my favorite from the entire show. Ford did the right thing by reproducing it very close to the original design. Keeping with the retro theme, they even had the "booth babe" (pardon my French) dress in a retro leather outfit. Note how much of the roof the doors own, and the fliptop rear engine compartment. A real piece of automotive Art.

The last of the surprises was this Saturn Concept - the Sky. Nice shape for a 4-seater convertible concept, and it'd be interesting to see Saturn come out with this. Note the "suicide" rear door. Alas, this is only a design study, and Saturn has no pland to make it.


Last in this list of Concept Cars is the Pontiac Solstice. I don't know if this car will see production, but it is nice to look at, no?

nyas-concept-01 nyas-concept-02 nyas-concept-04 nyas-concept-05 nyas-concept-06
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nyas-concept-13 nyas-concept-14 nyas-concept-15 nyas-concept-16 nyas-concept-17
nyas-concept-18 nyas-concept-22 nyas-concept-23 nyas-concept-24 nyas-concept-26
nyas-concept-27 nyas-concept-28 nyas-concept-belair-02 nyas-concept-belair-05 nyas-concept-cadillac-02
nyas-concept-cadillac-03 nyas-concept-cadillac-04 nyas-concept-cadillac-05 nyas-concept-gt40-01 nyas-concept-gt40-02
nyas-concept-gt40-03 nyas-concept-gt40-06 nyas-concept-gt40-07 nyas-concept-gt40-08 nyas-concept-gt40-09
nyas-concept-gt40-10 nyas-concept-saturn-01 nyas-concept-saturn-02 nyas-concept-saturn-03 nyas-concept-saturn-05
nyas-concept-solstice-02 nyas-concept-solstice-03 nyas-concept-solstice-04    

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