The Steamtown Cruise

Part 3

On the return trip in the train, a quick thundershower arrived. It started pouring, so we had to close up the car. Fortunately, it was over quickly, and we got to get some fresh air soon enough.


The car has "The Road of Anthracite" written on it. I think Mike Noble has Coal on his mind a little too much, considering our recent Coal Cruise...


This was one of the smaller trains.


Can someone tell me exactly what the heck this contraption is? Rachel suggested it was something out of the original Star Trek series episode "The Doomsday Machine" - a planetkiller. Any other ideas?


And here we are back at the Steamtown Terminal. Lesley and Mike Noble are under the sign.


One of us had the proper custom Pennsylvania License Plate - that's a steam engine to the left of the RR. I wish the detail had some out a little better, but the cloud cover wasn't helping at all.

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