Fixit Day:2001, a Z3 Odyssey


Outside again (I could never stay in one place, especially with all the fun going on), I meandered back outside to see what was going on with everyone else's car...plenty!


The paint guys were in full swing.


I also caught a glimpse of Rich NYC's Strong Strut with the holes drilled in to it. Note the lack of a Logo on it. Apparently that was a mistake, and Paul Ebeyer offered to buy it back, but Rich chose to keep it.


Back inside, someone local to Allentown (James Moffat, I believe) saw something going on at the dealership, and chose to drop in. He's been eyeballing the Z3s, and I think we have another victim, heh, heh, heh...


Note Pat's Z3 up on the lift/


Back inside, I snapped this quickie photo of Rachel's new Dinan Carbon Fiber Valve Covers.


One thing about owning a car in NJ is that you have to have license plates on both front and rear. When you live in a state like PA, you can put on a Euro-style license plate, like what Rose and Tom Mosteller did. Quite nice, eh?

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