BMW HomeComing 1999

I led us through most of VA. Cruise control at 65 isn't so bad, but when the roads are mind-numbingly straight like this, you can easily zone out. two hours into it, I changed lanes to see if people were still awake back there. They were.

And at the end of the straightaway, Richmond, Virginia.

A little bit after then, we got hungry, and needed gas. We pulled over for a recommendation for somewhere to eat, and settled on a Ponderosa. The directions were simple. Get on 295 (or was that get onto 95?) and go up an exit or two. Can't miss it. We didn't.

So that night, Shawn had made a reservation for a hotel just north of DC. Silly goose, he told us where, and we stayed there, too. We finally settled down to watch Austin Powers on my new laptop, which I had a DVD drive in it. Dave hadn't seen the movie, and wasn't getting all the references to it that we had been making the whole trip.


Next morning, I had a hankerin' for some Rooty Tooty, Fresh and Fruity. Since we had passed an IHOP while getting off the highway, the choice of where to eat was simple. Here is the only good picture I took of the Shag Mags that Rachel had so painstakenly put together for the Shaggers and their friends. You can't see Dave's because his car's so white.

Later on, we drove past this atrocity. Martin would definitelyNOT approve!

And all over Maryland, we kept seeing these signs. What's the deal, are all the motorcyclists potheads or what?

A shot of Baltimore, I believe

Here is one of the three tolls between DC and NJ. A friend used to have nicknames for them - The Baltimore Buck, The Maryland Moolah, and the Delaware Dollar. Sadly, only the Baltimore Buck is still a Buck.

We made it to the Delaware rest stop, where we gassed up, and I bid adieu to the remaining Shag Convoyers.

Off in the distance, Philadelphia, and beyond it, home.


All things considered, it was a great time. I put more than 2100 miles on my car for this trip, and there was nary a complaint from her the whole trip. I even felt refreshed after I finally arrived home after picking up my cat from a friend. All I can say now is, ahhhhhhhh.


Thanks to everyone who made this trip a great experience!



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