BMW HomeComing 1999



We break-on through to the other state.


You don't see this sort of sign everywhere...A total of 318 turns in 11 miles of roadway (at least, that's what the T shirt I got said!)

We love our cars, yes we do. Here Dave P shows his version of this.


We just didn't want to give up the Dragon, but time pressed on, and we had to get back on track. Here's the first sign we were getting close.


We finally got to the Mariott, checked in, and unloaded. This is what came out of my car. Once again, I have no idea where a passenger would've fit.


It was suggested that we spend the late nights out by the pool. It was also suggested that we bring local beers that we like so that others can sample the fun. I brought a six-pack of Yuengling Beer, but I wanted to bring some Mile Square, the world's only Hoboken-bourne beer, but I didn't get the chance to get to the brewery before the trip.

And, keeping with the spirit of the Shagadelic Convoy, Austin Powers makes an appearance. YE-ahh, BABY!

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